Policies at Medaille College Libraries

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Materials Purchasing (Collection Development)

Collection Development Policy

It is the policy of the Library to obtain and make available those materials needed for the instructional programs offered by the college as well as acquire and make available materials required by students, faculty and staff for their general research. Recommendations for purchases by Medaille Faculty, Students and Staff should be submitted to the appropriate departmental liaison. Faculty members wishing to recommend databases for purchase should contact Andrew Yeager, Library Director.

The Medaille College Library collects both print and online materials. Print materials are accessible to all Medaille students, faculty and staff on Buffalo and Rochester campuses. Online materials are accessible from all three campuses, as well as remotely. When appropriate, we supplement the Library’s collection by requesting materials for Medaille students, faculty, and staff through interlibrary loan.

Copyright Policy

Medaille College is committed to adhering to all requirements of the United States Copyright Law.

This policy is intended to serve as a guide so that copyrighted material can be legally used in all aspects of the Medaille College Mission.  While this is not an attempt to completely analyze the entire code, it does outline aspects of the code that are most likely to impact the use of copyrighted material in a not-for-profit educational setting.

Copyright Law

The Copyright Law of the United States is codified in Title 17 of the U.S. Code. The obvious purpose of Copyright Law is to prevent unauthorized reproduction of original works of authorship, including works of art, drama, literature, music and other intellectual efforts.  There are however, two commonly used provisions that permit the use of copyrighted material to be used in an educational setting.

Intellectual Property

Medaille College supports the scholarly activities of its faculty and students.  In an effort to promote the College, as well as protect the work of scholars, the following policy on intellectual property was developed:


Visitors to the Libraries

(non-Medaille afiliated)

Visitors may browse collections and use the public reading rooms.  Upon request, visitors may receive a guest log on for public library computers.



Alumni Services

All alumni of Medaille College may use the Libraries for the following:

  • on-campus, desktop computer use
  • borrowing books
  • reference services


Alumni are required to obtain an Alumni ID Card in order to check out books or get access to computers.  Alumni Cards can be obtained by visiting the Office of Alumni Relations at the Buffalo campus, calling them during business hours, or emailing alumni@medaille.edu.  Once an Alumni ID card has been obtained, a user ID and password to log into Medaille campus computers may be obtained by contacting the IT help desk.

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