Printing Services at the Rochester Campus Library


The Rochester Campus Library has one black-and-white printer available for student use.  Those wishing to print must log into a computer on campus to connect to the wired network.  Laptops connected via wifi cannot connect to the on-campus printer at this time.


There is a public copier in the Rochester Campus lobby for student use.  This copier requires payment of $.10 per page (side) copied, and only accepts dimes.


Computer Use at the Rochester Campus Library

The Rochester Campus Library has eight public computers available.  During times when there are no classes scheduled in the Library, students and visitors may use the computers and print to the Library’s printer.  Headphones are available upon request.

Please be advised than anyone wishing to use the computers must log in first with their MedailleOne username and password.  Anyone who doesn’t have a MedailleOne username and password should ask a librarian to log them on as a guest.

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