Printing FAQ

How much does it cost to print?

  • Single-sided, black ink only: $0.05 per page
  • Double-sided, black ink only: $0.04 per side (i.e., $0.08 per page)
  • Color: $0.25 per side

How much credit do I get to spend on printing?

  • Every semester $15.00 of print credits will be added to your print account.

How often are these credits refilled?

  • At the start of every semester, your print credits are reset to $15.00. Credits and purchased credits from one semester do not roll over to the next semester.

How do I check my balance?

  • If you are logged on to a computer in one of the labs or libraries on campus, you will see a print app in the bottom right corner that will show you your print credits balance.

Balance example

  • You may also go to: and log in using your MedailleOne credentials to view your print credits.

I’ve used all my print credits, how do I get more?

  • You may purchase credits online using PayPal.

I have printed something by mistake/there was an error/the printer ate my paper, how do I request a refund?

  • You may click on “Details” link in the print app located in the bottom right corner of the screen to bring up your print management page, or go directly to: and log in using your MedailleOne user id and password. On the left side of the print management page click on the Recent Print Jobs link: paper cut
  • Then on the right side of the print management page, click on the “request refund” link for the print job you would like refunded
  • Then fill out the Refund Request form. Be sure to include a reason for your request.

Refund request

  • Your request will be processed within 2 business days.

Can I get a refund on unused credits at the end of the semester?

  • No.

I am a work study and I have to print something for my job, will this count against my print credits?

  • No, if you are working in an office, your printing will not be tracked there. If your account does lose credits while printing for your job, follow the instructions above for receiving a refund, including an explanation.

I need to print something for the club I belong to. Will I be charged?

  • Yes, if you are logged on as you, you will be charged. Please see your club advisor or go to the Student Services office to print materials for your club.
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