Embedded Librarian Program

The Medaille College Librarians are adopting a more integrated approach to information literacy through the Embedded Librarian concept.

An Embedded Librarian can:

  • Work with your class for the duration of the semester.
  • Meet the specific needs of your group and establish a relationship with your class.
  • Provide one-on-one consultations with students which can be mandatory for the whole class, student-prompted, and/or required of students demonstrating some difficulty with their research.
  • Teach follow-up information literacy instruction at appropriate times throughout the semester.
  • Be present during class session time that is devoted to research.
  • Work within the learning community format.

Faculty and students at Medaille have indicated that the Embedded Librarian approach is highly effective. If you have a class in which you would like to take advantage of this integrated approach, please contact Andrew Yeager or Deborah Ceppaglia.

Andrew Yeager (716.880.2336) – ayeager@medaille.edu

Deborah Ceppaglia (716.880.2157) – dceppaglia@medaille.edu

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